Withering Soul is a black metal outfit from Chicago who’ve begun to carve out a serious niche for themselves. Their new video for the song “Hour of Obstinacy” will no doubt expand their growing fan base.

“Hour of Obstinacy” is largely a performance video, which gives you an idea of what to expect from the group in a live setting. Metal has always been about live performances. Legends are made when an artist puts on a memorable show. Simply put, if you’ve got a wicked name, people expect you to have game.

Withering Soul features a menacing look, the group is dressed in all black as they leer menacingly at the camera while executing with authority. The empty auditorium has a dark, gothic feel. The performance clips are interlaced with black and white cuts reminiscent of the Evil Dead films, tons of low lever high speed shots over barren landscapes. It’s like watching a nameless demon searching for a Withering Soul! The specialized ‘Hallway/Stairwell’ shots stylize the individual members of the group and enhance the overall look of this effort.

The “Hour of Obstinacy” video has an icy even angry quality to it. The fury is there you just have to be ready to watch it. It almost seems as if Satan will unexpectedly burst into the auditorium and start banging his horns! The message spelled out clear, Withering Soul will swallow your soul! \m/

Withering Soul are:

  • Nenad – Bass
  • Rick – Drums
  • Krystopher – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Scott – Guitars
  • Mykil – Vocals


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