When I started reviewing music videos I intended on directing my focus solely on what’s happening now but I soon realized the necessity to pay homage to both the bands and videos that brought heavy metal to the forefront of modern music. Few are more influential than Twisted Sister and their video for “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

Twisted Sister has been active since 1972 but didn’t really break into the mainstream until 1984’s Stay Hungry. The rise of MTV paved the way for this timeless song and video. “We’re Not Gonna Take it” is a corner stone of the ‘80s heavy metal movement. This video broke boundaries and brought the name Twisted Sister to the lips of teenagers across America.

Perhaps it was the absurd look of the group. Some might even consider them a pre-curser to the glam metal movement or maybe the cameo role of Mark Metcalf as a sadistic heavy metal nemesis. Known for his roles in Animal House, Where the Buffalo Roam, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Seinfeld. Metcalf took his anti-metal sentiments to the next level also appearing in Twisted Sister’s video for the song “I Wanna Rock”. However, like any adversary of extreme music he was easily thwarted. A comical lashing that makes these efforts more than just memorable.

Although Twisted Sister may hang it up one day soon, this song and video will continue to live on. Rebellion is in our blood and Twisted Sister has vocalized it. Heavy metal will always be the perfect outlet for any anthem, embracing a juvenile mentality that never seems to grow old. \m/

Twisted Sister are:

  • Mark “The Animal” Mendoza – Bass
  • Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda – Guitars
  • Jay Jay French –  Guitars
  • Dee Snider – Vocals




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