Testament has been an active moniker for a very long time. Some would even call them legendary but since that word is really a dressed up way of saying ‘old’, I’d say the career of Testament has been nothing short of astonishing.

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In 1989, Testament (Practice What You Preach) was seemingly at the cusp of greatness. Unfortunately, their time in the spotlight was cut short when the ‘grunge movement’ hit full swing.  Many thrash acts folded with some changing their sound, adopting a more ‘alternative friendly’ offering but Testament did the unthinkable and moved in a completely opposite direction. They became so heavy at one point (Demonic – 1997) they bordered death metal! Testament has seemingly survived it all, record labels, line-up changes, even Chuck Billy’s hard fought battle with cancer. Nothing can stop them, not ever…

Now, Testament is back again with a new video offering, “The Pale King” from their October 28th release, Brotherhood of the Snake.


“The Pale King” exemplifies what Testament is now, a grooving thrash laden beast! If you thought the re-union with Alex Skolink was solid on Dark Roots of Earth wait until you see and hear what touring and a revitalized lineup can do! Testament is back and vying for contention!

“The Pale King” is a performance video interlaced with a storyline depiction of UFOs! The foggy black and white colors shot with flying saucer screen visuals makes this video unique. I love the shot of the UFO over the pyramid!

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Some of the visual effects are so outstanding, they demand another visitation. I especially like the three dimensional water effect that occurs behind the jamming musicians, it reminds me of liquid lightning or a glossy splash of Mercury with a mind of its own!  I’ve seen the video more times than I can count and I’m still noticing missed effects.

Testament is on track with “The Pale King”. This a solid offering with exciting visuals and is sure to make some heavy metal waves! It’s time for you to view “The Pale King” and join the Brotherhood of the Snake. \m/

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Testament are:

  • Alex Skolnik– Guitars
  • Gene Hoglan– Drums
  • Chuck Billy– Vocals
  • Eric Peterson– Guitars
  • Steve DiGiorgio– Bass


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