You either love them or hate them but you’ve got to admit you’ve heard of them! Steel Panther, originally known as Metal Shop and Metal Skool have been around since 2000 but their last effort as Steel Panther: All you can eat (2014) has really put the band on the metal map.

Drawing their look from ‘80s hair metal greats, Steel Panther takes their over the top sex act to a whole new level. The group is no stranger to video accolades having won Metal Hammer’s Golden God’s ‘Video of the Year’ award for the song “Party like tomorrow is the End of the World” and I like to think their new video for the song “Gloryhole” is even better!

The mannerisms and visual antics found in “Gloryhole” only reaffirm the fact that these guys are having fun. There are many awkwardly hilarious scenes like the guy engaged in a bathroom stall guitar solo when a dick bursts through a gloryhole! This caught me by surprise and I nearly choked on a slice of pizza. Thankfully, I was treated to a few pierced nipple shots to make up for it. There’s even a guy dressed as Ronald McDonald waiting in a gloryhole line with stereotypical dudes from every major religion. All bets are off on this one!

Sure, this kind of ‘toilet humor’ can be offensive. The two yuppies with the beer bong full of cum is disgusting but it’s fucking funny! That’s the point! It’s hard to believe a band that could do so much damage vocally could do even more visually! Steel Panther are like a porno version of Twisted Sister hooked on crack but the hot chicks and midgets will keep me coming back! \m/


Steel Panther are:

  •  Lexxi Foxx – Bass
  • Stix Zadinia – Drums
  • Satchel – Guitars
  • Michael Star -Vocals



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