I know it sounds strange but prison riots and thrash metal seem to share a connection. Maybe the maniacal mayhem brought on by Slayer makes a great back drop to bloodshed but this music video has a replay ability that appeals to my need to attack the system again and again.

I’ll admit I didn’t like this song when it first came out. Hell, I really didn’t even like the band. Jeff Hanneman was a metal god. He wrote all the best Slayer songs. How could they continue! Without Dave Lombardo (Drums) in the fold, what could this band possibly do?

Then I started to get curious. Gary Holt can fucking jam, no doubt. How would he look as a member of Slayer? I’m not talking about watching him ‘fill-in’ during some live concert footage. I’m talking about seeing him in a visual effort as a member of the band! The “Repentless” video answered that question for me. It doesn’t hurt that Slayer has a bit of money and are willing to spend it on the blood and gore we all want to see. I think this video and the one featuring the eye-patched killer in “You Against You” really proves Slayer isn’t going anywhere.

You may not like or even appreciate what Slayer are doing now but you cannot deny that they are still a fixture of the ‘metal scene’ on a worldwide scale. This is a thrash band who’s influenced EVERYBODY and have really earned the right to hang it up whenever the fuck they want.

I may not follow Slayer as fervently as I once did. I may never buy another Slayer album but I will as sure as fuck watch their videos because I know they’re gore hounds just like me. \m/

Slayer are:

  • Tom Araya – Bass/Vocals
  • Paul Bostaph – Drums
  • Kerry King – Guitars
  • Gary Holt – Guitars


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