Summer is here. It’s time for backyard barbecues, swimming pools and listening to metal. If you’re like me you have different styles of metal for different times of the year. In winter, I love black metal. The coldness of the music seems like the perfect soundtrack for snow. When the leaves start to fall, death metal becomes my preference. Halloween decorations and menacing riffs seem made for each other but when it’s hot and I find myself outside nothing screams summer better than the hard hitting riffs of the Scorpions.

When I think about the Scorpions I don’t think of their ‘70s origins like Lonesome Crow or Virgin Killer nor do I think of them as the wuss bag band that plays “Winds of Change”. I think of them as the originators of hard rock summer love anthems like “Sill Loving You”, “Rock You Like a Hurricane” or the timeless classic “No One Like You”.

The original visual offering for “No One Like You” isn’t filled with live concert shots or on the road footage usually offered in a Scorpions video. This attempt boasts an actual storyline. The plot involves a dream sequence of vocalist Klaus Meine where he is a prisoner locked up in the famed San Francisco institution, Alcatraz. Some of the scenes have great nostalgic value, not only of the prison or the San Francisco coastline but of a now legendary act. Sure, the video is cheesy ‘80s. Klauss Meine dressed in his undies is hilarious but it’s undeniable, Scorpions were ‘cool’. They had the swag back then and were undeniably one of the hottest bands on the planet.

“No One Like You” couldn’t have been more aptly titled. There will never be another band like the Scorpions, a group that wielded sex and power so effortlessly using the undisputed authority that’s made them memorable. \m/

Scorpions (1982):

  • Francis Buchholz – Bass
  • Herman Rarebell – Drums
  • Matthias Jabs – Guitars
  • Rudolf Schenker – Guitars
  • Klaus Meine – Vocals


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