The recent season conclusion of Game of Thrones has me left wanting tales of “Middle Earth”. This thought got me thinking about the relationship of heavy metal and tales of fantasy. It almost seems like metal was born in fantasy with Led Zeppelin’s use of JRR Tolkien in their classic albums or the mention of dragons in Ronnie James Dio’s timeless works. Today there are bands like Finntroll, Blind Guardian even Burzum who’s imagery is based on the thoughts of fantasy works but whenever I delve into the world of dungeons and dragons I can’t help but recall a metal outfit from Florida called Savatage and the video for their self-titled album “The Hall of the Mountain King”.

The origins of Savatage date back to 1983. The band is still considered ‘active’ although they haven’t released any new material since 2001’s Poets and Madmen. Regardless of their current status, I will always think of The Hall of the Mountain King as Savatage at their best.

“The Hall Of The Mountain King” video is shorter in duration than the original version found on the album. The storyline follows a dwarf who accidentally falls into the lair of the mountain king. He’s helped by members of the group, who lead him to the treasure hoarded by the king and ultimately to a way out!

The song/video features the amazing guitar work of the late Criss Oliva and a killer riff that just won’t quit. This visionary time capsule does more than just tell a tale of middle earth, it takes you there! The best part of the video is when the dwarf escapes with a trunk filled with treasure. He opens it to find gold and jewels along with a Savatage cassette tape. Can’t beat the ‘80s! \m/

Savatage (1987):

  • Johnny Lee Middleton – Bass
  • Steve ‘Doc’ Wacholz – Drums
  • Criss Oliva – Guitars
  • Jon Oliva – Vocals



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