“Round and Round” was a jam and it ought to be remembered.

Whether we care to admit it or not, Glam Metal played a huge part in growing the metal scene. Not only was it the dominant force on MTV back in the ‘80s, it spawned the term ‘poseur’ and allowed the underground to grow in retaliation of it.

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There are a lot of fans out there who do not consider Ratt a glam metal act and although I’m definitely one of them, it’s hard not to lump Ratt into this category based on their dress and lyrical topics.

The video for “Round and Round” is Ratt’s classic line up. Largely a performance visual, the plotline portrays a reckless metal band playing in the attic above a pompous home. The majority of the family rejects the music but not pinup model Lisa Dean, who also appeared in Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” video. I think the best part of this offering is when guitarist Warren DeMartini falls through the attic floors onto an occupied dinner table below! He doesn’t skip a beat and just keeps jamming!

The success of Ratt’s “Round and Round” video can be attributed to a great plan. The band’s manager at the time was Marshall Berle, nephew to the famed comedian Milton Berle. Milton agreed to appear in the visual, cross dressing as both a matron and head of household. Videos were still in their early stage and one that featured an actual celebrity would guarantee airplay. Of course, it helped that the song was good.

“Round and Round” has gone on to become part of the fabric of our society. The song has been used in numerous movies like The Wrestler (2008) and That’s My Boy (2012) as well as popular video games like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and Guitar Hero.

Although Ratt never had the long term success of other groups that rose to fame during this same time period we memorialize them nevertheless.  “Round and Round” was a jam and it ought to be remembered. \m/

Ratt (1984):

  • Warren DeMartini – Guitars
  • Bobby Blotzer – Drums
  • Stephen Pearcy – Vocals
  • Robbin Crosby – Guitars
  • Juan Croucier – Bass


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