A performance offering with memorable theatrics woven in, “Eyes Of A Stranger” is Queensrÿche at their best.

Whenever I think of compelling music videos, Queensrÿche’s “Eyes Of A Stranger” is always near the top of my list. One of the many singles released off the band’s pinnacle achievement, Operation Mindcrime (1988). This video tied everything together for us visually. Metal-heads around the world spent their summer listening to this conceptual masterpiece. We all had ideas of what Sister Mary, Dr. X and even Nikki might look like but “Eyes Of A Stranger” brought them to life.

Queensrÿche, is an American heavy metal band from Bellevue, Washington formed in 1980. The band has released a whopping 15 studio albums, one EP and numerous live DVDs and music videos. The original line-up was: Michael Wilton (Guitar) Chris DeGarmo (Guitar) Scott Rockenfield (Drums) Eddie Jackson (Bass) and Geoff Tate (Vocals). This group stayed intact until 1998 when a public announcement revealed the departure of primary song writer and guitarist Chris DeGarmo.

A performance offering with memorable theatrics woven in, “Eyes Of A Stranger” is Queensrÿche at their best. The whole video has a melancholy feel you can’t shake. The story may have ended but the after effects are far from over. Colors play a big part in the overall presentation. They enhance the mood of the effort by making it appear more meaningful. Nikki and his cast of characters are shown in dull colors while the shots of band are almost exclusively in black and white. In the end, the screen is split between both color schemes implying the course has now come full circle.

The ending montage features colorful visuals which enhance the climatic moments of the story but it wraps with a black and white shot of Nikki alone wearing a straight jacket. A colorless end to a man who never realized what was important.

I’ll admit I lost track of Queensrÿche after Empire (1990) and I’ve only listened to Operation Mindcrime II (2006) a few times. Nowadays, whenever I listen to Queensrÿche at home or work it’s something off the first three albums: The Warning (1984), Rage For Order (1986), Operation Mindcrime (1988) or their outstanding debut EP – Queensrÿche (1983). In my mind, Operation Mindcrime will always be their greatest effort. A record that can be played again and again. A story with a payoff we can all appreciate. Check out the music video for “Eyes Of A Stranger” and relive the glory days of  Queensrÿche. \m/

Queensrÿche (1988):

• Michael Wilton – Guitar

• Chris DeGarmo – Guitar

•  Geoff Tate – Vocals

• Scott Rockenfield – Drums

• Eddie Jackson – Bass

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