The strength of Prong has always been the lyrics and I can think of no better way of capitalizing on the greatness of this band.

I’ve always considered Prong music videos with a bit of irony. Back in the ‘90s it was the visual offerings aired on MTV that initially capitulated the band to super-stardom. Prong’s famed 1994 offering The Cleansing featured the songs “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” and “Broken Peace” the accompanying videos took the music television network by storm. This was more than being aired weekly on Headbanger’s Ball this was heavy rotation. You couldn’t get through a day without seeing a Prong video four or five times. They were solidified on MTV’s Top Ten for weeks, every teenager in America knew who Prong was. The success led to high profile tours with Pantera and Sepultura, it appeared Prong was here to stay.

The next album, Rude Awakening (1996), featured a self-titled video directed by Rob Zombie but even Sherri Moon couldn’t replicate the success found on The Cleansing. Prong was released by Epic Records just three weeks after the album dropped. A tour with Type O Negative was canceled and the group split up. Vocalist/guitarist Tommy Victor joined the band Danzig a short time later.

Tommy Victor reformed Prong briefly in 2002 and released Scorpio Rising but it wasn’t until 2007 that the band really got back on track. Forever considered a criminally underrated group, Prong released full length records (Power Of The Damager (2007), Carved Into Stone (2012), Ruining Lives (2014) and a collection of cover songs (Songs From The Black Hole (2015) during this span. Only four Prong music videos were released during this sixteen (2002 to 2018) year time period. The musical landscape changed and the effectiveness of mainstay visuals suffered as a result. Music videos became a risky financial investment.

Then Prong went on to release, what are in my opinion, two of their greatest albums ever (X No Absolutes) (2016) & Zero Days (2017). This is Prong music that is truly worthy of some new visuals. We finally got what we desired in 2018 when Prong released a music video for “Forced Into Tolerance” off Zero Days. A performance offering with a lot of appeal, Prong left us wanting more. Now finally we have it. Prong just released a new video for one of my favorite tracks off Zero Days, “Blood Out Of Stone”.

“Blood Out Of Stone” is a lyrical offering with performance clips thrown in. The strength of Prong has always been the lyrics and I can think of no better way of capitalizing on the greatness of this band. This concept seemingly adds to the music, it makes you take the lyrics more seriously. The spaced-out lighting stylizes the effort and gives the presentation a modern feel. My favorite part of this video are the shots of the band jamming together. I think this reinforces the power Prong holds as a defiant three-piece. The sound within this line-up has never been stronger.

Check out the new video for “Blood Out Of Stone” and look for a new EP entitled Age Of Defiance set for release this November 29th via SPV/Steamhammer. \m/

Prong are:

  • Jason Christopher – Bass
  • Aaron Rossi – Drums
  • Tommy Victor – Guitars, Vocals
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