I wanted to review the “No More Room In Hell” visualizer because I’m a Possessed fanatic.

I consider Possessed one of the most iconic metal bands of all time. Their pedigree is part of metal lore. Unanimously considered the first death metal act, the story of Possessed is relevant not because their debut release, Seven Churches, has a song entitled: “Death Metal” but because their music has come to embody it.

Possessed was formed back in 1983. The band originated in San Francisco but played a heavier style than most of their ‘Bay Area’ peers. It wasn’t until 1985, after surviving the tragedy of losing their original vocalist to suicide and enduring various lineup changes, that the band was signed to Combat Records and released Seven Churches.

Seven Churches stood apart from other releases for several reasons. The record offered unpredictably accelerated tempos. It also featured the stylized tremolo picking and pronging bass lines that death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and Deicide still use today. The vocals introduced growls and snarls, an approach that had never been heard on a metal record before. These ground-breaking vocals eventually became synonymous with the death metal sound. Lyrically, Possessed were as satanic as anything Belphelgor or Behemoth could vomit up. They set the standard for satanically influenced bands when they unveiled an opening track that features ‘tubular bells’ from the movie The Exorcist. Even the Possessed logo, which features bat wings, a devil’s spaded tail and a large upside down cross are death metal firsts.

The contributions of Possessed to the metal genre seemed endless but unfortunately the band’s musical career was interrupted by a series of unlikely circumstances. Beyond the Gates (1986) was met by mixed reviews because Possessed slowed down their tempo and began to incorporate more thrash elements.

The Eyes of Horror EP (1987) was panned by both critics and fans alike for its thrashy style and lyrics that leaned more towards horror and less towards Satanism. The ‘Death Metal Magic’ was gone. Shortly after this release the group broke up.

Then the unthinkable happened, bassist/vocalist Jeff Becerra was shot in a liquor store robbery. He was an unsuspecting customer and the unfortunate event left him paralyzed from the waist down. We all assumed this was the end of Possessed. Thank Satan, we were wrong.

After an extended hiatus from music, Becerra performed with members of Sadistic Intent under the Possessed moniker at the Wacken Open Air Festival in 2007. Determined to continue the Possessed legacy. Jeff has since revamped the band and continues to front the group, as vocalist, from his wheelchair. A new Possessed album, Revelations Of Oblivion, will be released on May 10th 2019 via Nuclear Blast.

I wanted to review the “No More Room In Hell” visualizer because I’m a Possessed fanatic. What would this iconic band, a band who hasn’t released any new material in thirty-three years, sound like? The answer is, they sound like fucking Possessed! If you’re a fan of Seven Churches or Beyond The Gates, get your pitchfork ready. Featuring lyrics that would make a demon blush, this is the kind of shit that could rip the horns off the devil! I’m dying to hear this record.

Possessed is more than a band that has influenced countless musicians, they are an institution that has overcome the obstacles of life. A once great moniker has been re-possessed!

Check out “No More Room In Hell” and I’ll see you in Purgatory. \m/

Possessed are:

• Jeff Becerra – Vocals
• Daniel Gonzalez – Guitars
• Claudeous Creamer – Guitars
• Robert Cardenas – Bass
• Emilio Marquez – Drums

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