Bret Michaels brought us a show called Rock of Love. His heart had many choices and Mindy was the best for him. Unfortunately he settled for a Hustler centerfold instead on Rock of Love, Season 2. Before all of that, before Riki Rachtman hosted the reunion, Bret was the lead singer of the glam metal band Poison.

Poison Band Pic

Poison rose from the L.A. glam scene at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go to take over the airwaves of not only the radio, but MTV as well including the Headbanger’s Ball. Together with C.C. DeVille, Bobby Dall, and Rikki Rockett, Bret Michaels created waves of girl crushes and love crazed fans world wide. Through the big hair days of the ’80s to the rockin’ ’90s, Poison rocked all coasts on all continents.

The song “Something To Believe In” brings me back to a time in high school. I can honestly say there wasn’t a day I didn’t personally have a crush on these guys. The things I would fantasize…

“Something To Believe In” was written after Poison’s security guard and Bret’s best friend, James Kimo Maano, passed away.  The hearts of the band broke, and Bret Michaels was utterly crushed. The song was written in his remembrance and the video included an appearance in a way by James as well.  In order to evoke a stronger emotion from Bret, the producers had monitors playing clips from James’ life in front of him. It worked too well at first, as Bret couldn’t finish recording and at one point in the second chorus he was too choked up to sing.

The song “Something To Believe In” appeared on the third studio album from Poison titled Flesh & Blood released in 1990. Established back in 1983, the band has certainly seen its fair share of tough times. However, after 35 years they still continue to play music and tour giving its fans all something to believe in.

Something To Believe In Live

Poison are:
Bret Michaels – Vocals
C.C. DeVille – Guitars
Bobby Dall – Bass
Rikki Rockett – Drums

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