Weapons and bones, this new reality has a ghastly outlook that you just can’t shake.

Pestilence was one of the last thrash bands I played regularly before delving into things more extreme.  In the late ‘80s a lot of thrash bands became the pre-cursor to what is now known as death metal, I’m talking bands like Sodom, Possessed and Necrophagia.

Pestilence is a metal band from The Netherlands, founded in 1986. They began as a thrash band but eventually found their niche in the death metal scene. Many consider them a part of the ‘Technical Death Metal’s Big Four’ along with Atheist, Cynic and genre pioneers, Death.  The band has experienced numerous line-up changes over their 35-year career, leaving Patrick Mameli (Guitars/Vocals) as the only original member.

Pestilence has seemingly been cursed since 1994. Records since that time were few and far in between and not of the quality that had once brought the band into the spotlight. The spell was thought to be broken in 2019 when Pestilence announced that they had signed a new record deal, but the rebound effort experienced a two-year delay.  This comeback album, Exitivm, will finally be released on June 25, 2021 via Agonia Records. A new music video for the song “Morbvs Propagationem” has just been released. Hopefully this will break the band’s bad luck streak for good.

“Morbvs Propagationem” is a performance offering with theatrics woven in. In a post-apocalyptic world, a new drug has been unleashed. Is this a poison or a cure? Warriors clash over benefits we are incapable of understanding. Weapons and bones, this new reality has a ghastly outlook you just can’t shake. I especially like the ending, a hideous mob-style execution. A bitter send off to a dismal world.

Considering Pestilence’s previous releases, I went into this with relatively low expectations but found myself pleasantly surprised. This is a welcome return to form and I must admit my desire to see this effort performed live.

That being said, I wanted to mention Pestilence has also endured it’s share of controversy. Some website called Metalsucks compared guitarist/vocalist Patrick Mameli to Milli Vanilli and indirectly accused him of using a racial slur. Unbelievably, the band’s entire 2018 U.S. tour was cancelled due to this article.

In this day and age, music’s main function is entertainment. A band’s appearance or political views should not be relevant to this process.  We at The Metal Channel understand that our music, heavy metal music, is simply a diversion to reality. We apologize for the hyper-sensitive views that have hindered this celebration and hope that Pestilence will return to the U.S. and tour this highly anticipated album. Live concerts reinforce unity, it is this escapism that keeps society from crumbling.

Check out the “Morbvs Propagationem” video and Pestilence if you are reading this, ignore the controversy and get back to where you belong, on a stage! \m/

Pestilence is:

Patrick Mameli – Vocals, Guitars
Joost vd Graaf – Bass
Rutger v. Noordenburg – Guitars
Michiel van der Plicht – Drums
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