Motivation is as important as action in a world swallowed by chaos.

England’s Paradise Lost, established in 1988 is considered to be one of the pioneers of the gothic metal genre. Mixing death and doom metal together they came to encompass the vision of the famed poet’s masterpiece they are named after (John Milton’s Paradise Lost).

Now Paradise Lost has returned with a new release entitled Medusa, set for unveiling next month via Nuclear Blast Records. “Blood and Chaos” is the first live action video to be released for this record. It is a challenging vision ready to throttle you with sympathy and contradiction.

The vision opens with one traveler attacking another in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world. A desolate place where the few remaining humans rummage the Earth for simple things like water and food. Our character’s journey moves from lush terrains to desolate cities. We get the impression he’s in search of something but we are not sure what or why. The desire is so extreme, his mentality moves from lamb to lion. Unprovoked, he attacks another traveler. In the end, his quest turns out to be for a simple battery. Putting it into a flashlight he’s carried throughout the effort, he gives it to a small child living in a dumpster!

I must admit I didn’t see this plot line coming, the duality of man and his flawed logic are powerful revelations. The child representing a light in the darkness of the traveler’s existence, justifies the murder/assault he commits. Motivation is as important as action in a world swallowed by chaos.

This compelling vision combined with the emotional harmonies of Paradise Lost makes this an enduring effort. Check out “Blood and Chaos” and let this temperamental humanity make an impact on you! \m/

Paradise Lost are:

  • Gregor Mackintosh – Guitars
  • Aaron Aedy – Guitars
  • Stephen Edmondson – Bass
  • Waltteri Väyrynen – Drums
  • Nick Holmes – Vocals
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