This new line-up is poised for some serious devastation.

2020 will be remembered as the year the world got put on hold. I first looked at this whole pandemic thing as a chance to relax and catch-up, but the reality has been just the opposite.

Isolated and working around the clock, I doubt I would have gotten through this current crisis without the perseverance of heavy metal.

This year, I am truly thankful to the artist whose drive for creativity has kept the world running strong.

Nervosa is a thrash metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. Active since 2010, this is a band that knows how to persevere.  Lineup changes are a fact of life for any aspiring moniker but replacing founding members, including your vocalist, is another matter entirely. In April 2020, Nervosa was faced with that challenge when Fernanda Lira (Bass, Vocals) and Luana Dametto (Drums) left Nervosa. This left Prika Amaral (Guitar) as the sole remaining original member of Nervosa and she refused to quit. The revamped lineup includes:  Diva Satanica (Vocals), Mia Wallace (Bass) and Eleni Nota (Drums). With these new members in place, Nervosa recorded their fourth studio album Perpetual Chaos, which will be released on January 22, 2021 via Napalm Records. A new music video for the song “Guided By Evil” has recently been unleashed.

“Guided By Evil” is a performance offering with some witchcraft clips thrown in. This new line-up is poised for some serious devastation. I don’t know what it is about Brazilian metal, but starting with Sarcofago, Krisiun and of course, Sepultura, this country has given us some of the most furious metal ever unleashed. Nervosa delivers in a similar vein, a punishing no frills attack that will crack your skull.

Let’s dispense with the ‘novelty’ of Nervosa being an all-female band. They have proven themselves to be on par with other great thrash bands. The vocal approach of Diva Satanica is very aggressive with a black eats thrash approach. Her destructive delivery will surly take this band to the next level.

The songwriting, confidence and overall performance of Nervosa has increased noticeably with each release. That being said, Perpetual Chaos is sure to be a pinnacle achievement. Check out “Guided By Evil” and don’t let the cauldron be an anchor for you! \m/

Nervosa is:

  • Prika Amaral – Guitar
  • Diva Satanica – Vocals
  • Mia Wallace – Bass
  • Eleni Nota – Drums
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