Otherworldly math metal meets alien perspective – Neorhythm bring Nanogods on full afterburner.

The mysterious duo out of Finland named Neorhythm have stumbled onto something truly unique and at the same time familiar – in true European (and especially Finnish when it comes to the metal scene) fashion.  Every timing change is whiplash accurate, every note exactly where it needs to be – no more and no less.

And yet, it’s a far more complex beast than that.


The entire album concept centers around aliens crash landing in the remote northern reaches of the world, searching for intelligent life.  The entire vibe is also chillingly otherworldly – just accessible enough to possibly hear them playing Wacken, but also just “off” enough to set them firmly apart from other math metal type bands.  The delivery is truly remarkable.

Enter the Nanogods – the entire song is both an indictment and a message of hope that one day (the present day in the setting of Zetetic) humanity will overcome zealous dogma and truly evolve into what we are fully capable of.

Here’s an excerpt from a short interview with Red 2, the vocalist of Neorhythm:

Anita: What is the meaning behind your album cover for Zetetic?

Red 2: This is the image of an alien who fell to Earth, fallen into the drifts of the northern tundra, entangled in search of civilization and someone alive…calling for any help.

Anita: And specifically, what is the message and meaning behind Nanogods?

Red 2:  It is a song about the future state of mankind, [who has] overcome dogmas & religious obscurantism, of mankind which has become – the Gods, who at last have become the masters of destiny and development. About humanity, which will be the just ruler of the universe and all physical forces.

Nanogods stands as a look forward in time with the instruments of today, and especially as a two person band, is an amazing testimony to the capabilities of independent artists to produce quality music.  This song would be equally right at home on a playlist with Meshuggah, Children of Bodom, or Pantera.

Neorhythm are currently promoting their new video for Matrix Sleep, also from the album Zetetic.

Neorhythm are:

Red 1: Music
Red 2: Lyrics, Messages

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