“Hardwired” is a performance video that lets you know Metallica still has some performance left.

My relationship with Metallica has always been a double edged sword. I can honestly say I hate them as much as I respect them. In my mind there would be no metal without Metallica. They had a sound and style that arrived at the perfect time.

There was a period when Metallica was the shit. The first three albums are among the greatest in all of metal but we all know tragedy had a price to extract. I treasure the images I have in my mind of Metallica (Master of Puppets) opening for Ozzy Osbourne on The Ultimate Sin tour. In my opinion, that was the greatest Metallica lineup I’ll ever see.

After Cliff’s death I jumped off the Metallica bandwagon becoming a Slayer devotee and later a strong follower of death metal acts such as Deicide, Morbid Angel and Entombed. When Metallica released a new album I took note and listened but not for long. At least they were still metal.

As time wore on so did my patience with Metallica. While I was discovering black metal bands such as Emperor, Darkthrone and Mayhem, Metallica did the unfathomable and joined the ranks of mainstream alternative. They became a group I despised. I took pleasure in changing the radio station whenever one of their ‘lame hits’ aired. I was done, Metallica sold us out. I wasn’t surprised to hear bassist Jason Newsted departed the band. Metallica had become R.E.M.

I know it’s unreasonable but I’ve always expected musicians to be like Lemmy Kilminster, living for the music not themselves. It never occurred to me that these people might have a life outside of the band. Not everybody loses their hair and gets their skull tattooed like Kerry King. I became indifferent. Metallica had become a sad fucking joke.

I’m not sure if mid-life crisis is the right explanation but it seems like a lot of metal bands have found that ‘heavy magic’ once again. Metallica is no exception. Their last album, Death Magnetic, was far better than their previous efforts of the past decade. Now, Metallica is back again with a video that promises metal in a vein we can actually identify with.

“Hardwired” is a performance video that lets you know Metallica still has some performance left. The expletive lyrics are cheesy but I can live with them in a song that’s under four minutes long and features a digestible guitar solo. While this effort isn’t anything special, it makes me optimistic. Metallica might finally be ready to re-explore their metal roots. \m/

Metallica are:

  • Robert Trujillo – Bass
  • Lars Ulrich – Drums
  • Kirk Hammett – Guitars
  • James Hetfield – Vocals, Guitars


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