The recent influx of women performing in metal has become too prevalent to ignore. Female fronted groups are infesting the underground like wildfire. This is a trend gaining momentum and there is no doubt there will be resistance. Metal has been a male dominated force since it’s inception and I welcome any change able to break this cycle of stagnation. When glam metal ruled, women were little more than music video ‘eye candy’. Artists like Doro Pesch (Warlock), The Great Kat (Katherine Thomas) and Bitch (Betsy Weiss) were the exception and not the rule.

This new development will not only make metal more visible, it will bring more females into ‘the metal scene’. We all know the attendance of ladies at live shows is something that has been lacking for years but I believe women will support women and it’s only a matter of time before these bands gain enough of a following to close the gender gap.

I think it’s time we learned who some of these bands are. Here is a short list of the female featured groups that have caught my attention:

In This Moment – Is a heavy metal act from Los Angeles, California. Active since 2005, they are one of the more established female fronted acts. Their last release was 2014’s Black Window, which debuted at number eight on the US Billboard 200 charts. The group just completed a fall tour opening for Rob Zombie.

Cripper – Is a female fronted thrash metal act from Hannover, Germany. An active moniker since 2005, the group has already released four full length efforts – Freak Inside (2007), Devil Reveals (2009), Antagonist (2012) and Hyëna (2014). The resurgence of thrash should open more opportunities for Cripper. Solid song writing could take the group to the next level.

Forever Still – Is a hard rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. This group features two female members: guitarist (Maja) Partsch and vocalist Maja Shining. Their Tied Down album is made up of 3 EPs, recorded over a three year period then brought together as a single album. The album was initially released independently but the group has since been signed to Nuclear Blast.

September Mourning – Is a ‘transmedia dark culture’ project created by vocalist Emily Lazar and comic book artist Mark Silvestri. The musical aspect of the character, September Mourning, began in 2009. The group was recently signed to Sumerian Records and a new full length album entitled Volume II was released in July of 2016.

Arkona – Is a pagan/folk metal band from Moscow, Russia. I consider them a pioneer of extreme female fronted metal as they have been churning out quality music since 2002. Their mixture of the extreme with folk tendencies makes Arkona unique in this budding scene. With eight studio albums under their belt it will be interesting to see what Arkona does next.

Blackbriar – Is an alternative metal band hailing from The Netherlands. Active since 2012, the band is currently unsigned but in the process of self-funding their debut EP. The a-typical vocals of Zora Cock will undoubtedly give this band an opportunity to shine.

This is obviously just scratching the surface as there are new female fronted groups forming constantly. I urge you to check out some of this new music and embrace this evolving scene! \m/

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