This is a brilliant offering which pays homage to two of Megadeth’s greatest records.

Megadeth has always been one of my favorite bands but it has been years since I followed them. Metallica held the mainstream and Slayer the underground but Megadeth was universally accepted by all. Physically challenging, their complicated musicality was respected as much as it was feared. After Countdown To Extinction I lost interest in Megadeth.  I traded thrash for the newly evolving extremities found in death and black metal.

I checked in on Megadeth every now and then, watching a great band implode for lack of ideas. Memorable melodies sacrificed for a lengthy guitar solo. When the group released Risk (1999), I heard one of the songs on the radio and nearly puked! I was done with Megadeth and I put them out of my mind. I didn’t know the band broke up in 2002. I had no idea Dave Mustaine hurt his arm and couldn’t play guitar anymore.

I re-discovered Megadeth briefly back in 2007 when I heard the song “Gears of War”.  I appreciated the United Abominations record but the material that came after it sucked. I never considered buying Megadeth’s latest album, Dystopia (2016), until now. I just saw the video for “Lying In State” and it kicks some major ass!

A performance offering laced with some solid theatrics, this video has it all. Vic Rattlehead in a graveyard, sword in hand, reborn to avenge the ills of humanity. My favorite part of this offering is when the video becomes a full blown movie. Vic runs into the band and he nods to Dave Mustaine. He then pulls the sword out of the sheath to expose the words: Rust In Peace. The video’s ending is also memorable. When the witch is dead, the camera switches to a shot from above. Vic is shown standing on a sheet barring the words: Peace Sells.

This is a brilliant offering which pays homage to two of Megadeth’s greatest records. The visuals on “Lying In State” made me want to check out the Dystopia record, which is exactly what videos are supposed to do!

Check out “Lying In State” and let the oppressive visions of Megadeth reconstruct you! \m/

Megadeth are:

Dave Mustaine – Vocals, Guitars
Kiko Loureiro – Guitars
Dave Ellefson – Bass
Dirk Verbeuren – Drums

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