I found the ending truly disturbing, did we just witness self-immolation?

There’s something about black metal and music videos that never seems to mix. It’s as if the raw emotion cannot be captured on film, the message lost in the abyss. It’s no wonder so many black metal bands don’t offer any visuals with their releases. I was prepared to accept this trend but now I must rethink it. Mayhem, a pioneering black metal act, has taken the black metal music video to a whole new level.

As you probably know, Mayhem is a black metal juggernaut. The band has a bloody and blasphemous history that has elevated them to a near legendary status. A murderous reputation has always preceded the group, a mysterious enhancement that will forever keep them at the forefront of metal. Although Mayhem’s style has evolved over the years from evilly simplistic to technically menacing, the dissenting vibe has never waived.

Mayhem’s latest effort, Daemon, was unveiled on October 25th, 2019 via Century Media Records. A music video for the song “Falsified And Hated” has been released to hype the effort.

“Falsified And Hated” is a visual masterpiece. The whole video is dirty, dark and dreary. A demonic séance comes to life! In a world turned upside down, sacrifices must be made. The artistic qualities of this effort are superb, the stop motion photography makes the rituals appear even more evil. The superimposed images give the whole effort a ghostly quality. Brilliantly disgusting, we openly wonder what the hell was that green shit going through the tube. I found the ending truly disturbing, did we just witness self-immolation? Whatever creature was unveiled at the end is truly not meant to be in this world.

Mayhem has proven once again why they are black metal masters. Check out “Falsified And Hated” and let the fiendish vibes of Mayhem possess you! \m/

Mayhem are:

  • Necrobutcher – Bass
  • Hellhammer – Drums
  • Ghul – Guitar
  • Teloch – Guitar
  • Attila Csihar – Vocals
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