This is the darker side of life and it only makes sense to create stirring visuals to accompany it.

Just when you thought the Italian ‘Goth Fathers’ had done it all they unveil a new video that takes their brand to a whole new level!

I’ve been following Lacuna Coil pretty regularly since 2006’s Karmacode. Tranquilizing gothic melodies that bring you to an underworld of understanding. The band seems to have moved in a different direction since that release, infusing more aggression into their work. Creating a full bodied assault that’s distinctively darker than previous efforts.

The group’s latest record, Delirium, was released last year via Century Media Records. An album that explores the psyche of the human mind. Visions of insanity moving from disturbance to institutionalization, Lacuna Coil is no longer interested in achieving a top forty radio hit. This is the darker side of life and it only makes sense to create stirring visuals to accompany it.

The music video “You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You” comes off like a short film, a seven minute murder mystery with members of the band each playing a prominent role. This is a clever offering with two cops tracking a murderer who turns out to be one of the cops! Playing a sick game, the killer leaves clues leading down a dark path.

What really makes this video interesting is questioning whether or not this a sequel to the “Blood, Tears, Dust” effort. There are multiple killers and some of them got away, including the figure who carves the symbol into the dead girl’s body. This character turns out to be Cristina Scabbia which introduces a whole new plot-line, are these women one in the same? Is this a case of split personality disorder or someone trying to cleverly eliminate accomplices?

Anything that makes you think this much is more than just memorable is superb. Check out “You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You” and get caught up in this visual delirium! \m/

Lacuna Coil are:

  • Marco Coti Zelati – Bass, Keyboards, Guitars
  • Ryan Blake Folden – Drums
  • Andrea Ferro – Vocals
  • Cristina Scabbia – Vocals
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