“Niemi” (Peninsula) is a performance offering which captures the band’s live energy.

As I get older, I find I am more receptive to expanding my metal palate.  While I still appreciate unbridled aggression, I am always searching for new structures and sounds. Nothing lately has fulfilled this lust better than the folk metal attack of Korpiklaani.

Korpiklaani (Finnish for – The Backwoods Clan) is a folk metal band from Finland. The group went through several additions (Shamaani Duo & Shaman) before arriving as the band we know today, which has been around since 2003. While other folk metal groups began as metal acts before adding the folk influences, Korpiklaani is just the opposite, folk roots dressed in metal. Founding member, Jonne Järvelä (Vocals, Guitar), has always credited this change to his interaction with the blackened folk act, Finntroll.

I personally discovered Korpiklaani back in 2008 when the band released, Korven Kuningas (King Of The Woods) which is the fifth studio album by the group. It was unveiled via Nuclear Blast and really put Korpiklaani on the map. I believe this is one of the key albums which brought folk metal into the mainstream.

Now Korpiklaani has returned. A new release entitled: Jylhä (Rugged) is due for release on February 5th, 2021 via Nuclear Blast. A new music video for the song “Niemi” has just been released to hype the effort.

“Niemi” (Peninsula) is a performance offering which captures the band’s live energy. Fire and ice meshed with smoke and leather sets the backdrop to a song which appears to pay homage to the outdoor life but that is actually not the case. Further research discovered a connection to the infamous Lake Bodom Murders (June 5th, 1960). Known worldwide as the “Bloody Pentecost”. Four teenagers became the target of a deranged killer. A triple murder (Irmeli Björklund, Anja Mäki, Seppo Boisman), with only one survivor (Nils Gustafsson), which shocked all of Finland. The case remains unsolved to this day.

The music itself revolves between folk and metal. The electric instruments are in the background more than on previous albums. The fiddle and accordion dominate the structure but just when you think Korpiklaani has become a pure folk band, the group lets fly with some great metal riffs. The offering is powerful, yet traditional. Finnish folk with a modern edge.

Jylhä promises to be the fastest and hardest Korpiklaani offering yet. Check out this new video and let these folk masters make a believer out of you! \m/

Korpiklaani is:

  • Jonne Järvelä– Vocals
  • Kalle “Cane” Savijärvi – Guitar
  • Jarkko Aaltonen – Bass
  • Tuomas Rounakari – Violin
  • Sami Perttula – Accordion
  • Samuli Mikkonen – Drums
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