This is a thought provoking effort by Kissing Candice that dares you to look beyond the masks.

Transitioning between music labels is never an easy prospect for an artist. Like navigating treacherous seas, solid ports are seemingly few and far in between…

A clashing of modern sounds, Kissing Candice is one of the most original acts I’ve heard in years. I am a huge fan of their debut effort, Blind Until We Burn (2015). I have to admit I was worried when I heard the group had unexpectedly left Victory Records. ‘Idle hands are the devils work’ and I hoped Kissing Candice wouldn’t stay idle for too long. When I interviewed the band in February, they promised a new EP and now they’ve delivered. Their latest release, Safe Word, is due out 11/17/17 via Stay Sick Records.

The Kissing Candice video, “(De)Generation”, offers a brutal view of reality. It’s a vision of degeneration as much as it is the deterioration of society.  The overall effort is a collection of scenes cut between performance shots of the band jamming.

A moralistic tale of people leading dual lives, we get a bird’s eye view through three separate tales. The first is the businessman, a law-abiding family man who is really a piece of shit that cheats on his wife. Next is a nurse who steals prescription drugs from her office for recreational use. Finally, a priest who pretends to be a servant of God by day but acts like tool of Satan by night. The message is clear; our own selfish desires can easily become our own worst enemy. This thought process is seemingly summarized at the end of the video when band members tear up posters brandishing words such as Hate and Sex. The act itself appears to be a symbolical abolishing of degenerative thoughts.

This is a thought provoking effort by Kissing Candice that dares you to look beyond the masks. See the lies in front of you! Check out this new video and don’t let society be your degeneration. \m/

Kissing Candice are:

  • Nig Suffront – Guitars
  • Michael Pak – Drums
  • Joey Simpson – Vocals
  • Tommy Sciro– Guitars
  • Mike Grippo – Bass
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