Thrashers Kill Ritual have released a third single “Touch The Dark” from their upcoming 2020 album titled The Opaque And The Divine on an unsuspecting world. Combining elements of prog metal with driving thrash, “Touch The Dark” is a tour de force in all things metal. From driving bass and drums to shredfest solos to banshee howls that would be right at home on a Fates Warning album, the guys of Kill Ritual killed it and sounded amazing doing it.

“Touch The Dark” is an unapologetic look at the decent into madness, pure unbridled fury and insanity given musical form. If ever the phrase “sometimes when you look into the pit, the pit looks back” applied, it applies here. Chalice’s bone-chilling screams drive the effect home, underpinned by both dissonant guitar hooks and riffs and whiplash time changes on the rhythm section. Kill Ritual deliver as a whole package, no sonic stone left unturned and no corner of the mind left unscarred from the sonic assault.

Kill Ritual will be releasing a new album on March 27th titled The Opaque And The Divine, featuring “Touch The Dark” and two prior singles as well. So far each single has been more brutal than the last, so we are definitely stoked to hear the whole album in March! Check out Kill Ritual on Facebook to follow for the latest releases and keep kicking ass! \m/

Kill Ritual are:
Chalice – Vocals
Steven D. Rice – Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals, Bad Attitude
Seamus Gleason – Drums
David Alusik – Bass

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