The collaboration of past and present members is taking Helloween to a whole new level.

 I’ve been following the band Helloween since 1985’s The Walls Of Jericho. I discovered them by chance. A Halloween freak; I’ve been collecting scary masks since I was a kid. The creature on The Walls Of Jericho album cover has always held a striking similarity to Be Something Studios famed ‘Fang Face’ mask. This timeless disguise was first unveiled back in 1977 and has always been one of my favorites.  As soon as I saw this Helloween album cover, I knew I had to have it.

As the years went by, I lost touch with Helloween. My musical tastes became more extreme but that never stopped me from jamming Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Part 1 or 2), I just didn’t connect with any of their new music, until now…

Helloween is a German power metal band founded in 1984. The band has released fifteen studio albums, three live albums, three EPs, and twenty-seven singles. They’ve sold more than eight million records worldwide.

Helloween are the undisputed pioneers of ‘Power Metal’, a subgenre of heavy metal which combines traditional heavy metal with speed metal. Helloween are the masters of  symphonic velocity and  a new offering will soon scorch the pavement. The appropriately titled: Helloween, will become available on June 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. This is the first studio album from Helloween since 2015’s My God-Given Right.  A new music video, “Skyfall” has been released to promote this long awaited  effort.

The music video for “Skyfall” is a science fiction treat. An alien crash lands on a desolate planet, captured, and contained; the outlook appears bleak. Luckily, this confinement will be short-lived as our heroes plan a daring escape.

The special effects and animated sequences are awesome. They are the perfect accommodation to this far-out music. Following a formula set by Iron Maiden, Helloween now features three guitarists! Not to be bested by their British metal brethren Helloween are also utilizing three vocalists!  This album marks the return of Kai Hansen (Guitar/Vocals) and Michael Kiske (Vocals). The collaboration of past and present is taking the band to a whole new level.

Metal has never been about how old you are, it’s about how much fun you have listening. This new version of Helloween is as lively as the band has ever been. I can see pumpkins taking  flight. Check out Helloween’s “Skyfall”  and let this track reignite the power in your metal!! \m/

Helloween are:

  • Michael Weikath – Guitar
  • Markus Grosskopf – Bass
  • Kai Hansen – Guitar, Vocals
  • Michael Kiske – Vocals
  • Andi Deris – Vocals
  • Sascha Gerstner – Guitar
  • Daniel Löble – Drums
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