As much as we’d like to deny it metal and murder will always have a dark fascination with the underground. Perhaps it’s the affinity for the color black or the use of the devil’s cord. Regardless of the origins, the violent combination of thrash and blood is here to stay.

Hatchet’s new video for the song “Tearing into Hell” opens with real life footage from the ‘70s television show The Dating Game. Of course, this is an ill-fated tale because the winning bachelor turns out to be a real life murderer! Brace yourself headbanger, we’re about to go “Tearing into Hell”!

What follows is a series of performance shots of the band entwined with still life photos of real life killers, gruesome crime scenes and of course, Satan.  The music is fast and the imagery fascinatingly grotesque. Hatchet’s thrash attack provides the soundtrack for a documentary style study of a murder’s descent into darkness. The quote from Ted Bundy at the end of the video only reaffirms our morbid desire to visualize the macabre.

Hatchet has touched a killer cord with this effort. Metal and murder will always have a place in music and this slickly produced thrill ride is sure to quell your thirst for speed metal blood. That is,  until the next time you feel the urge! \m/

Hatchet are:

  • Devin Reiche – Bass
  • Ben Smith – Drums
  • Clayton Cagle – Guitars
  • Julz Ramos – Vocals, Guitars
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