The real highlight of the video is the musical track itself, a ‘go for the throat’ metal anthem that is sure to get your blood pumping!

Maybe you haven’t realized it yet but metal is once again moving in uncharted waters. The envelope is being pushed and the question is age. I ask you honestly, how old is too old to play heavy metal?

My first thought turns to Black Sabbath who’ve been active in some form since 1969! The band just completed a tour last year but metal has taken many forms since it’s godfathers first took the stage. Instead of breaking things down into metal micro genre let’s just say that age will never be a problem in metal. You can have your longevity but it must be earned. You’ve got to rock to be remembered…

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Grave Digger has been around since 1980 and their path has been a rocky one. After releasing three albums in the ‘80s the band actually changed its name to Digger and adopted a more ‘commercial’ sound in an ill-fated attempt to cash in. The group eventually split up but reformed again in 1991. Grave Digger has released a whopping thirteen studio albums since that time. Number fourteen is called Healed by Metal and it will be released on January 17th by Napalm Records.

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The new music video for the self-titled track is definitely a feast for the eyes, with a plot line that could be something from a Phantasm movie. We are treated to moonlight, mystery, fire and graveyards even the grave digger himself accompanied by some hot goth women but the real highlight of the video is the musical track itself. A ‘go for the throat’ metal anthem that is sure to get your blood pumping! This is a raw fist pumping jam. As soon as I saw drummer Stefan Arnold tossing his sticks in the air while guitarist Axel “Ironfinger” Ritt was laying down some nasty shit, I knew I was in for a fucking treat!

If this is any indication of the new material, Grave Digger has done it again. I’ve used the phrase ‘best kept secrets in metal’ before but this time it truly applies. Watch this video and get healed by METAL !! \m/

Gave Digger are:

  • Stefan Arnold – Drums
  • Axel ‘Ironfinger’ Ritt – Guitars
  • Chris Boltendahl – Vocals
  • Jens Becker – Bass
  • Marcus Kniep – Keyboards
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