This song isn’t saying “Fuck this place”, it’s saying “This place is fucked” in my mind there is a big difference.

I’ll be the first to admit I never really got into the band Gojira. It’s not that I don’t care for environmental issues, (Cattle Decapitation is one of my favorite bands) I just never took the time to listen to the group. A decision I’ve come to regret…

Gojira is a metal band from France, originally known as Godzilla until a name change in 2001. Gojira plays a hybrid style of progressive death metal which cannot be easily described.

The music has a soundtrack quality, the backdrop where time and space has been lost. It is a fully realized sound that capitalizes on melody, complexity and execution.

“Another World” is the band’s latest effort, their first release since the 2016 studio album, Magma. This new music video follows the story line of our dying planet. The virus is spreading. The earth is on the brink of extinction and decision is made to move forward.

Despite the overwhelming odds, (Chances of success: 0.11%) our heroes build their own spacecraft. Like a cartoon version of the Horror/Sci-Fi film, Event Horizon, we learn this is a vehicle which can bend both time and space.

The mysterious Planet X is the final destination but as our saviors reach it, a serious question comes to mind.  They’re smart enough to build a spaceship with the ability to travel through space and time, but not wise enough to take any women! Seriously, how are four dudes planning on repopulating the planet?

Perhaps colonization wasn’t the priority, maybe it was just to escape the horror and live out their final days  in a world unsoiled by mankind.

Regardless of their intentions, the group finds themselves right back where they started. A twist ending reminiscent of 1968’s Planet Of The Apes, a movie which is loosely based on the 1963 French novel: La Planète des Singes written by Pierre Boulle.

Essentially, primates removed, the crew ends up right where they started, just many years in the future.

Gojira has transcended both time and space with this effort. The detractors who would argue this track isn’t heavy enough are living in another world. This song isn’t saying “Fuck this place”, it’s saying “This place is fucked” in my mind there is a big difference.

Check out this new music video by Gojira and remember if you build your own spacecraft to escape a dying planet, bring a member of the opposite sex with you. \m/

Gorjira are:

Christian Andreu – Guitar

Joe Duplantier – Vocals, Guitar

Mario Duplantier – Drums

Jean-Michel Labadie – Bass

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