It’s hard as fuck to establish yourself in today’s market. There’s so many different styles and bands out there it’s often difficult to stand apart. Music videos are a great way to gain a bigger audience simply because human beings are lazy by nature. It’s much easier to click and view than it is to download and listen. Visuals will always have a niche because they are a quick hit to your metal fix.

God Dementia is a death metal outfit from Chicago. “Dominance” is the opening track from the group’s debut album, Consuming the Delusional. Performance videos are typically a great way to introduce new fans to your music but this one’s got a twist. The visual effects used to create this offering make it seem like you’re watching through the broken window of an automobile that just smashed into a strobe light factory! The blinking lights pulsating through the clear coated wreckage make this uniquely watchable.

When you combine these unusual visuals with God Dementia’s aggressive sound you will find this infectious groove contagious. Considering the minuscule budget this effort was likely made on, it’s hard not to appreciate what God Dementia has done.

There is no question Chicago needs more visible acts to promote a growing metal scene.  God Dementia can definitely fill a void and the “Dominance” video is a solid step in that direction. \m/

God Dementia are:

  • James Genenz – Bass
  • Rick Hernandez – Drums
  • Zack Smolenski – Guitars
  • Johnny Dove – Guitars
  • Cody Zupan – Vocals
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