If you like cold beer and death metal these are some visuals for you!

There is little doubt that the Swedish death metal act, Entombed, changed the musical landscape with their release of Left Hand Path back in 1990.

I remember the time vividly, Slayer (Seasons in the Abyss) was still king but their hold on the underground was starting to wane. Death metal was creeping into the music scene like a famished zombie looking for a fresh brain. It began with the group Death and continued in the United States with Obituary, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel.

Death metal has always been the result of multiple scenes developing simultaneously. While this aggressive style was developing in the US, a similar musical scene was growing in Gothenburg and Stockholm (Sweden). Unveiling such trend setting acts as Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed.

Of all these diabolical acts, Entombed will always be the most memorable for me. Back in 1992, I saw the band play live on the Clandestine Tour with Incantation and Dead Horse. I was awestruck by the group’s menacing sound and live execution. Left Hand Path and Clandestine had always been favorites but this live rendition took the music to a whole new level of wickedness.

Entombed became my favorite band. I gobbled up the Crawl (1991), Stranger Aeons (1992) and Hollowman (1993) EPs as well as the Wolverine Blues (1993) album but then I lost touch with the band, seemingly forever.

Perhaps it was the gap between releases but more than likely it was the newly developed death ‘n’ roll style that Entombed had adopted. It’s always been clear that Entombed never gave a shit about you or anyone else. They don’t care that you haven’t listened to them since Left Hand Path or even wished they’d remained Nihilist. That’s your fucking problem.

Entombed basically ended in 2014 when Alex Hellid parted ways with the rest of the band. Those musicians turned around and formed Entombed A.D. because the group’s licensing trademark was held by Hellid. In my mind, the Entombed I knew and loved died that day and was reborn as Entombed A.D.

Entombed A.D. has released two successful albums: Back to the Front (2014) and Dead Dawn (2016). Their latest effort Bowels of Earth, is due out on August 30th via Century Media Records.

A new music video for the song “Elimination” has recently been unveiled. If you like cold beer and death metal these are some visuals for you! A humorous depiction of touring, LG Petrov is a larger than life character. I’d throw down some shots with that maniac anytime! The shots of Petrov staring down at you from the bottom of a beer glass are priceless!

Entombed A.D. are here to eliminate your alcohol! Check out this new video and let your liver loose! \m/

Entombed A.D. are:

• L-G Petrov – Vocals
• Olle Dahlstedt – Drums
• Victor Brandt – Bass
• Nico Elgstrand – Guitars
• Guilherme Miranda – Guitars

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