Trust No One is the seventh studio album by the extreme metal act Devildriver. Many are calling this the group’s best release since 2009’s Pray for Villains. Devildriver began their career in 2003 as the band Deathride but I didn’t discover them until 2005’s The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand. Since then, Devildriver has earned the respect of fans worldwide taking their melodically infused death metal anthems to hell and back. Honestly, I never would have guessed the nu-metal singer of Coal Chamber would have the chops to pull off a group this extreme but I was wrong.

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My Night Sky” is a solid track. Devildriver has a memorable stage presence. The ‘old school microphone’ utilized by vocalist Dez Fafara is wicked but as cool as this video is I expected a bit more than an overblown performance offering. The pyrotechnics are a great addition but these kind of effects get old fast in a four minute video. The rest of the visuals have a really generic feel. I’ve had my share of desolate landscapes and shots of animals feasting on carrion. It seems like every death metal video features these high speed camera shots superimposed with animalistic violence. This isn’t something we haven’t seen before and if your into this sort of thing you might be better off watching the Discovery Channel.

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Devildriver has become a staple in this genre and they need to live up to those expectations. A sure fire way to generate buzz for your new album is a hot video. Originality is what gets people talking. A simple plot line could have made this effort more memorable. Considering the quality of the Trust No One release, I hope we see more adequate video representations of this exceptional material in the near future. \m/


Devildriver are:

  • Diego “Ashes” Ibarra – Bass
  • Mike Spreitzer – Guitars
  • Austin D’Amond – Drums
  • Neal Tiemann – Guitars
  • Dez Fafara – Vocals
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