A performance offering, “Purgatory” reminds you why Despised Icon is considered the masters of this genre.

Deathcore has always been despised by death metal followers and I’ve never understood why. Deathcore is every bit as ferocious as death metal. Except for the breakdowns, what’s really different? All extreme metal artists down-tune their guitars to give their music a heavier sound. If anything, deathcore bands enhance the genre with their insane deliveries. Dual vocals and pig squeals give the product an extra kick. A spry innovation that thwarts any redundant terminus waiting in the wings.

Despised Icon is from Montreal, Quebec Canada, established in 2002 and they are considered by many to be the grandfathers of deathcore. A label the band has rejected since the term was coined. Despised Icon has toured the world with prominent death metal acts such as Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Behemoth and Deicide. The band has released five full length albums with number six, Purgatory, due out on November 15th via Nuclear Blast Records. A new music video for the song “Purgatory” has  been released to hype the effort.

A performance offering, “Purgatory” reminds you why Despised Icon are considered the masters of this genre. The music is punishing, a pummeling onslaught of metallic mastery. The back drop of a building top gives the offering an open feel, especially at night. Despised Icon has an unseen virility that seemingly comes alive in the darkness.

Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so check out Despised Icon’s “Purgatory” and if you ever end up in limbo let deathcore be a guiding light for you! \m/

Despised Icon are:

Alex Erian – Vocals
Steve Marois – Vocals
Eric Jarrin – Guitars
Ben Landreville – Guitars
Sebastien Piche – Bass
Alex Pelletier – Drums
Yannick St-Amand – Sound / Samples / Etc.

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