Imagine Angela Gossow (EX-Vocalist – Arch Enemy) fronting Dimmu Borgir, a dazzling vision of purgatory!

Defacing God ia a band on the rise. Established back in 2015 by SandieThe Lillith’ Gjørtz (Vocals) and Michael Olsson (Drums), this Danish quintet weaves occult inspirations with modern oppression and sets it to extremity.

The group was recently signed to Napalm Records and their debut effort, The Resurrection Of Lilith, will hit the on streets September 2nd 2022. A new music video for the song “Rise Of The Trinity” has just been released to hype the effort.

Honestly, this was my first experience with Defacing God and I will definitely be checking out new drops in the future. They have a familiar sound which feels both progressive yet nostalgic, maintaining black metal authenticity while seamlessly blending in modern death metal vibe. Imagine Angela Gossow (EX-Vocalist – Arch Enemy) fronting Dimmu Borgir,  a dazzling vision of purgatory!

“Rise Of The Trinity” is a feast for the eyes as much as it is a trip at the brain. A performance offering with some mystic theatrics woven in. This is a wicked hymn of humanity, a reunion of the blood sisters (Abyzou, Jezebel and Lilith), a cry of rebellion and revenge. The blood exchanges are as beautiful as they are disgusting. A memorable vision of vehemence!

Defacing God has made my metal radar and I urge you to give them a chance to make yours. Check out “Rise Of The Trinity” and let the war cry of the blood sister’s bewitch you! \m/

Defacing God are:

Sandie ‘The Lilith’ Gjørtz – Vocals
Signar Petersen – Guitar
Christian Nielsen – Guitar
Michael Olsson – Drums
Rasmus ‘Kalke’ Nielsen – Bass

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