Cursed Sun has spent over a decade unleashing their ‘badassery’ on the world.

Cursed Sun is a metal band hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Their music combines Thrash, Death and Groove elements while carrying strong melodies. Forming in 2007, they are one of the longest active bands on the Northern Irish metal scene.

This band is like a well oiled machine. They have invested thousands of hours both collectively and individually. Cursed Sun has instilled heart, mind, body and soul into their music and performances. The band has set course for the horizon “full throttle”.

Their discography includes: As Seen Through the Eyes of the Dead EP (2009), No Order in Existence EP (2010). Their full length debut Premonitions arrived in 2012, with two more EP’s: The Fall and Rise (2014) and The Amygdala (2017). 

From tunes like “Napalm”, “Between These Walls” and “Primordial Chaos” to the hell bent execution of “Unleashed”, Cursed Sun has spent over a decade unleashing their ‘badassery’ on the world.

The video, “Primordial Chaos”, is set in darkness. From the heavy melodic crunch of the guitars and the blistering lead laden with ‘sweep picking’ to Jones’ raw and gripping vocals, this song has it all. You’ll definitely want to crank it up and rip the knob off! Check out metal from Northern Ireland… horns up from across the seas! \m/

They are currently finishing up their fifth EP and plan on touring the United Kingdom after its release.

Cursed Sun are:

Jones – Vocals
Johnny – Guitars
Ciaran – Guitars
Steve – Bass
Chris – Drums

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