Few bands personify the ‘80s glam metal vibe like Sweden’s Crazy Lixx.

I grew up in the ‘80s and I love heavy metal. It’s hard to describe, to someone who didn’t live it, how things were back then. Imagine a world where mainstream music was almost exclusively glam metal. Bands like: Def Leppard, Poison, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi ruled both the radio-waves and MTV.

Few bands personify the ‘80s glam metal vibe like Sweden’s Crazy Lixx. Established back in 2002, the band first caught my attention five years ago when I saw the music video for the song “Wild Child” from the album Ruff Justice (2017). The presentation screamed the ‘80s and Crazy Lixx made my metal radar.

The pandemic may have slowed metal down, but it hasn’t stopped it. Crazy Lixx released a new album last year, Street Lethal hit the streets on November 5th via Frontiers Records. So far, two music videos have been released to hype the effort: “Rise Above” and “Anthem For America”.

These videos have two things in common, hot babes and screaming heavy metal! “Rise Above” is a trip to the fitness club with all the eye candy you can handle. Featuring Swedish model Isabella Pecovnik showing off her assets, it’s hard not to view this offering again and again.

If you can appreciate women in skimpy workout outfits then “Anthem For America” will be your new war cry! Hot cars and even hotter women grace your video screen. A lament for the past that urges America to get back to its metal roots. Back to a time when music was as important as the party.

Check out these music videos from Crazy Lixx and bring the ‘80s back! \m/

Crazy Lixx is:

  • Danny Rexon – Vocals
  • Joél Cirera – Drums
  • Jens Anderson – Bass
  • Chrisse Olsson – Guitar
  • Jens Lundgren – Guitar
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