This video has it all, Gothic imagery, extreme metal and a solid storyline that entices.

Cradle of Filth has always been a favorite of mine. At a time when I needed metal I discovered them. The Principle of Evil Made Flesh became my path to sensual madness. An erotic voyage less stifling than the nihilistic view of the bands from Norway.

I never really considered Cradle of Filth a black metal band. Their arrangements have always made them so much more. Progression has taken the group beyond metal micro-genres into a world where mind, vision, and sound are unified by extremity.

Cradle of Filth has been electrifying crowds since 1991 and they don’t show any signs of stopping. The band’s twelfth studio album, Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay is due out this September via Nuclear Blast Records.

“Heartbreak And Séance” is the first video from the upcoming release. Visuals are taken to the next in level in this theatrical installment, a bizarre painting come to life. Snakes, crows and an Ouija board provide the backdrop of a performance video dealing almost exclusively with the loss of life. There are so many memorable scenes in this video that it’s hard to pick one that stands out but if I had too, I’d say the scene involving the bride at the séance table is the best. Her melancholy look, surrounded by skulls and candles is disheartening. The man’s bust with covered eyes and the bride’s black tears offers powerful Gothic imagery that commands repeat viewings. The ending features a morbid ‘Gift of the Magi’ conclusion where the slain lover is reincarnated only to have his beloved take his place!

This video has it all, Gothic imagery, extreme metal and a solid storyline that entices. Check out Cradle Of Filth’s “Heartbreak and Séance” and don’t let a broken heart rule you! \m/

Cradle Of Flith are:

  • Dani Filth – Vocals
  • Martin Skaroupka – Drums
  • Daniel Firth – Bass
  • Richard Shaw – Guitars
  • Ashok – Guitars
  • Lindsay Schoolcraft – Keyboard / Vocals
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