Casket Robbery is a five member brutal death metal band hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. Formed in 2011, the band has released “Casket Robbery” an EP in 2011, “Evolution of Evil” a full album in 2016, another EP in 2017 ” The Ascension” and “Blood Bathory” a single in 2013… all under an Independent Label.

“From Hell” is the latest video from the band and is inspired by the gruesome slayings of Jack the Ripper in London back in 1888. The single is due to be released on July 12th 2019.

Casket Robbery Live

A ritualistic theme sets the tone for this video and is “Gore-iffic”! Heavy vocals with melodic and pounding guitar riffs will keep you on the edge of your seat. Several tour dates are scheduled this year and I will definitely be keeping an eye on this brutal band. Add “From Hell” to your favorite player here. Horns up for sure! \m/

Casket Robbery are:
Megan Orvold: Vocals
Cory Scheider: Guitar
Jeremy Kohnmann: Guitar
Derek Silloway: Bass
Alex Simpson: Drums

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