If the “Code of the Slashers” is any example of what Cannibal has in store, we’re fucked!

Cannibal Corpse is American death metal at its finest. Since 1988 the band has been pummeling crowds with electrified horror. With thirteen studio albums under their belts and another, Red Before Black, due for release this November via Metal Blade Records. I think it’s clear the Cannibal death machine is still going strong.

“Code of the Slashers” the group’s  latest visual effort is intended as a homage to Tobe Hooper. He was a legendary film director who gave us a shitload of horror classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Eaten Alive (1977), The Funhouse (1981), Poltergeist (1982), Lifeforce (1985), Spontaneous Combustion (1990) and Body Bags (1993)  just to name a few.

I think “Code of the Slashers” is the best Cannibal Corpse video ever.  It opens with some disgusting freaks buying meat at a grocery store, then cuts to a pair of killers driving a van brandishing the words: Cannibal Corp.

Welcome to the morbid lifestyle of a slasher, hunting victims in the night they stumble upon a group of three scummy teenagers. The attention to detail in this effort is superb. I love the dashboard icon of the pig with a knife. The POV of the slashers, running with knives is kick ass, it’s so eerie seeing the knife blade come into the field of vision. The blood on the front end of the van is also telling. Plenty of people have been hit by this killer ride!

The drama plays out with a high speed death metal velocity.  You can run but you can’t hide. I’ve got night vision goggles, you’re fucked! The stabbings are brutal and although the red filter tones down the violence, the grim reality is still made all too clear. The scene with entrails on the end of the butcher knife is truly disgusting but the real shocker comes when we realize the supermarket meat the freaks are buying is comprised of human flesh!

A Skeletal Domain came out back in 2014. Cannibal Corpse toured the fuck out of that album. I honestly thought the band would take a break but I guess the saying “No rest for the wicked” definitely rings true here.  If the “Code of the Slashers” is any example of what Cannibal has in store, we’re fucked! Check out this disgusting video. I know you won’t forget it! \m/

Cannibal Corpse are:

  • George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – Vocals
  • Alex Webster – Bass
  • Pat O’Brien – Guitars
  • Paul Mazurkiewicz – Drums
  • Rob Barrett – Guitars
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