‘No Thank You’ is really a nice way of saying ‘FUCK OFF’!

I recently traded in my Direct TV for Roku. Cruising the new channels, I came across a music video network called XITE. I’m always on the lookout for new music, so I began playing this channel daily.

One of the videos that caught my attention was Cage Fight’s “Respect Ends”. Cage Fight is a vicious hardcore/thrash metal band from the United Kingdom. Established back in 2021, the group was founded by James Monteith (Guitar – Tesseract) and longtime friend Jon Reid (Bass).

The style they feature is a throwback offering to the godfathers of hardcore, iconic bands like: Cro-Mags, D.R.I. and Agnostic Front. Cage Fight’s debut effort was released back on February 17th via Spinefarm Records.

The subject matter of the “Respect Ends” song and video are easy to understand. Most men are fucking meatheads, they could save themselves time, embarrassment and physical injury if they just used common sense.

Women don’t go to bars just get picked up, sometimes they just want to have a drink and be left alone. Having tattoos, dyed hair or a skimpy dress doesn’t mean you’re a whore, easy or even approachable.

Finally, ‘No Thank You’ is really a nice way of saying ‘FUCK OFF’!

In the music video, a dude doesn’t use good judgement. He bothers a woman and gets more than he bargained for! Taking things too far, the jackass ends up in a bind.

The video’s ending is an instant classic. Rachel Aspe (Vocals) steps over the body then calmly heads back to the bar to finish her drink.

Cage Fight is something old-school hardcore fans won’t be entirely unfamiliar with. However, it’s an offering delivered with such intensity, awareness and swagger. It makes this aged formula appear fresh! Check out Cage Fight’s “Respect Ends” and if you see a pretty woman drinking alone, leave her in peace or end up in pieces! \m/

Cage Fight is:

Rachel Aspe – Vocals

James Monteith – Guitar

Jon Reid – Bass

Nick Plews – Drums

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