Let’s go back to the heyday of ’80s thrash – 1986. The heavyweights and founding fathers are two or three albums in and the less-known speed kings are just coming to prominence. Dark Angel has just unleashed Darkness Descends upon an unsuspecting world.

So did Billy Boldt with “Infernal Forces”.

“Infernal Forces” is four minutes of face-shredding riffage and aggro-howling somewhere between Slayer and Kreator, with enough riffs and timing changes for both of them put together to make an entire album. Don’t let the recording quality of the day or even the track fool you…”unrefined” or “rough edges” are pussy terms for “sharper than a razor” and “unrepentently melts your face off”. That’s how we like it!

The song itself is a first hand glimpse into the biblical battle of Armageddon, capturing both the horror of untold destruction and the unbridled fury of total war. No survivors here, just the victims of infernal forces from hell or the few crazy enough to fight them off!


Check out Billy Boldt’s radio station at http://www.kouvradio.com/ and www.digitalrevolutionradio.com where he hosts the Thrash Zone, a radio show of even more face-melting metal (a LOT of it is stuff that isn’t as well represented, but no less crushingly heavy).  Cheers and crank it up! \m/

Billy Boldt/Infernal Forces are:
Billy Boldt – Vocals
Dave Fraties – Guitar
Jason Toussaint – Guitar
Rob Blasini – Drums
Ryan LaBourde – Bass

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