The exchange of blood near the end of the offering is truly disgusting!

There’s nothing like having Satan spruce up your holiday weekend. Very few bands epitomized the demonic like Austria’s Belphegor.

The blackened death metal act was established back in 1991 (as Betrayer) the group has utilized their current moniker since 1993. A prominent fiend in Milton’s Paradise Lost, Belphegor is a demon and one of the seven princes of Hell. He is the chief demon responsible for one of the seven deadly sins, known as Sloth (laziness) in early Christian traditions.

Belphegor the band has released eleven studio albums with number twelve, The Devils, due out on June 24th via Nuclear Blast. A new music video entitled: “Virtus Asinaria – Prayer” has been released to hype the effort.

“Virtus Asinaria – Prayer” is a performance offering with some witchy theatrics woven in. Upside down crosses, sacrificial knives, black candles and witchcraft figure prominently in a video that doubles as a visual summons to darkness.

The live performance is simply amazing, the stage props breathtaking, I especially like the cross blades in front of Helmuth’s microphone. Like a pair of deadly scissors, they seem poised to cut off a head at any moment.

The exchange of blood near the end of the offering is truly disgusting!

Belphegor has proven once again why they sit near the throne of the blackened death metal heap. Check out this vile video and let the demonic chants of horned demons invoke the blasphemy in you! \m/

Belphegor is:

  • Helmuth Lehner – Guitar, Vocals
  • Serpenth – Bass
(Live Members)
  • Martin “Molokh” Arzberger – Guitar
  • James Stewart – Drums
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