The video for “Pestilence Shall Come” is a clever cobweb of bleakness and violence.

There’s something about this time of year that screams black metal. I think it has something to do with the desolation the winter months bring. Turning the world into a barren wasteland of forced hibernation, a perpetual struggle for life.

Advent Sorrow is from Perth, Australia. The band has been active since 2009 and they’ve got their black metal down to a science. The video for “Pestilence Shall Come” is a clever cobweb of bleakness and violence. It hard not to see the political opposition in the overtly aggressive images offered. A complex message which offers no ‘clear-cut’ resolution. The depression of man and his inability to coexist with himself weighs down on us all.

Advent Sorrow’s music has been described as depressive black metal and I agree with that description. The music and vision give us a dreary seat to our own downward spiral. The message seems all too clear. We are as raw and uncivilized as the world we inhabit. Subjected to an untamed force, we cannot break this vicious cycle. The clips of nuclear holocaust are especially challenging. They circle a path of destruction which leaves no hope for human life. I especially like the images of the snowfall near the end. Is this an effort by Mother Nature or the side effect of a nuclear winter?

Advent Sorrow has struck a chord with this latest effort. Thought provoking and visually challenging, this is a group worth keeping an eye on. Check out this new video and unleash the pestilence inside of you! \m/

Advent Sorrow are :

  • R.K – Vocals
  • M.K – Guitars
  • H.A.S – Guitars
  • J.K – Bass
  • M.D – Drums
  • T.L. – Piano & Keys
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