I’ve been a fan of Septicflesh since I discovered them back in 2005. I found the use of symphonic instruments interesting. I’ve always respected the ‘beauty of horror’ and the whole thought process of recognizing ghastly things can be appreciated, even those things are instruments of death.

There’s always been a correlation in my mind between the look and sound of Septicflesh and the Hellraiser movies. Septicflesh are musical cenobites. Their style, sound and dress seemingly epitomizing the musical beauty found in extreme horror.

When I heard Septicflesh were going to be making a video for the song “Prometheus” off the Titan album, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. The “Angels to some, Demons to others” phrase really lends credence to this visual extravaganza. The opening sequence of the slaughtered pig with its tongue sticking out is one of my favorite scenes. I can image the smell. A stinking feast heavy on flesh and blood!

The colors and lighting give the whole video a ‘stop motion feel’, an eerie quality that takes the complex attack of Septicflesh to the next level. These stunning visuals enhance the Septicflesh style and provide a true backdrop to the modern melding of music and horror.

This video has been well received and I hope it entices Septicflesh to take us on more visual journeys. Few bands within metal have the ‘hands on’ artistic talent of Septicflesh. This group oozes creativity. I wonder what would happen if they aspired to do even more visually with their music. \m/

Septicflesh are:

  • Spiros Antoniou – Bass/Vocals (Harsh)
  • Kerim ‘Krimh’ Lechner – Drums
  • Christos Antoniou – Guitars
  • Sotiris Vayenas – Guitars/Vocals (Clean)





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