Many people think that music videos went wayside after the collapse of MTV but that’s bullshit. MTV has gone by the wayside. Music videos are still being made and as long as people are still making them, I’ll be watching.

I decided to start reviewing music videos because I realized YouTube is really a double-edged sword. On one side, anyone can make and upload a video, unsigned bands can promote themselves like never before. On the other, there are now millions of videos on YouTube. How does a casual fan navigate this mess? How do you know which new bands/videos are worth your time?

Nekrogoblikon and their video for the song “We Need a Gimmick” is definitely worth your time. This group has been around since 2006 garnering attention through strides made in the visual department. Nekrogoblikon videos feature the band’s mascot, a green goblin named John Goblikon, who claims to be a real goblin! This emerald comedian has been utilized in the group’s previous video efforts: “Powercore“ and “No One Survives”.

In “We Need a Gimmick”, John Goblikon embarks on a series of tales in an attempt to make the perfect video. We witness a menagerie of styles ranging from hardcore rap to bestial black metal. With a strong emphasis on ‘hot booties and black blood’ it’s hard to say this video doesn’t have it all and the music isn’t bad either!  Nekrogoblikon has survived the video cesspool. They’ve made something intelligent, comedic and refreshing. \m/

Nekroboblikon are:

  • Sack – Bass
  • Bready – Drums
  • Goldberg – Guitars
  • Raptor – Keyboards
  • Scorpion – Vocals/Keyboards


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