Scriptures is well crafted death metal and reaffirms the thought that ‘Old School’ never dies.

Whenever I think about classic death metal, my mind settles on Florida (U.S.A.) and Sweden. I often forget about  the great bands that came out of the United Kingdom. I’ve been following influential groups like Carcass,  Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death for years but I must admit I missed out on Benediction.

I initially believed Benediction was a ‘Christian Death metal band’ in the vein of Tourniquet or Mortification. I’ve been proven incorrect on this assumption and have come to regret it.

Benediction is a death metal band from Birmingham, England.  Currently signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the group has been grinding down audiences since 1989.  Album releases by this band are rare. Their last record, Killing Music, was released way back in 2008. Time has shown these efforts are typically worth the wait. Scriptures, unveiled in 2020, has been unanimously mentioned as death metal album of the year.

Scriptures is well crafted death metal and reaffirms the thought that ‘Old School’ never dies.  The overall sound is layered in a suffocating thickness. Featuring strong production values, crushingly memorable riffs, unexpected time changes, and screaming guitar leads. This record isn’t trying to win you over, it’s trying to run you over!

Original vocalist, Dave Ingram, is back in the fold. His grunts and guttural delivery add a raw feel to the music, drenching this whole offering in a grisly sludge. Highlight tracks for me are: “The Crooked Man”, “Stormcrow”, “Progenitors Of A New Paradigm”, “In Our Hands, The Scars” and “We Are Legion”.

A solid death metal album from one of  it’s pioneers, Scriptures  has undoubtedly catapulted Benediction back to the forefront of extreme music. Benediction takes this shit seriously; they’re not coaxing modern audiences into their music. Check out Scriptures and expose yourself to this brutal return to form. \m/

Benediction is:

  • Darren Brookes – Guitar
  • Peter Rewinsky – Guitar
  • Dan Bate – Bass
  • Dave Ingram – Vocals
  • Gio Durst – Drums
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