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PSYCHOSTICK – “Zombie Claus”

As the song progresses so do the lyrics, from all warm and fuzzy to outright bizarre and creepy. Christmas and…

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LORDI – “I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You”

This video has all the violence any gore-hound would desire including a head severed by a shovel and lots of…

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ROCTUM – Nothing To Do With Hell

In an age where music is often brutally serious, Roctum offers something refreshing and unique. Although style and substance are…

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Country of Origin: Finland Formed In: 1991 Genre: Comedy Metal, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock Last Known Label: Inverse Records…

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Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2000 Genre: Comedy Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Thrash Metal Last Known Label: Unsigned / Independent Website: http://www.psychostick.com/…

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