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Hatesong – Unholy Shit

Riffs and vocals reminiscent of Venom, stripped down raw power…if this is unholy shit, ave Satanas! We need more of it!…

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DEMON BOY – “My Coffin”

If you find blood filled bathtubs and impalement by crosses disturbing, Demon Boy is definitely not for you! The relationship…

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WEDNESDAY 13 – “What The Night Brings”

Like something out of a Roman Polanski film, scantily clad women dance erotically around in satanic goat masks. Shock and rock…

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Wednesday 13

Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2006 Genre: Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, Horror Punk Last Known Label: Century Media Records Website: Social Media:…

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Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 2002 Genre: Glam Metal, Hard Rock, Horror Punk Last Known Label: (Split-Up) Website: …

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