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HATCHET – Dying To Exist

A venomous lyrical spew that enhances the arrangements and turns the trademark Hatchet swing into a blood thirsty assault. A…

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Something seemed wrong as she turned up the radio. “Oh! There’s no place like hell for the holidays!” She nearly…

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The police were called and they looked high and low but no trace was ever found. There was speculation it…

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SCREAMKING – Tyranny Of The Sea

The group incorporates a lot of different sounds and styles into this structure to create a modern version of a…

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King Diamond

Country of Origin: Denmark Formed In: 1985 Genre: Heavy Metal Last Known Label: Metal Blade Records Website: www.kingdiamondcoven.com/ Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/kingdiamond/ “Halloween” “Welcome Home” “The Family Ghost”…

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Mercyful Fate

Country of Origin: Denmark Formed In: 1981 Genre: Heavy Metal Last Known Label: Massacre Records Website: https://www.kingdiamondcoven.com Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mercyful-Fate/108011629227262 “The Uninvited Guest” “Witches’…

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