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VINNIE PAUL – Forever Remembered

The road of life is always filled with highs and lows but I think what really matters is how we…

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INFECTED RAIN’S Lena ‘Scissorhands’ Talks Band Name Origins, Nicknames And “Orphan Soul” Music Video.

“They made a gift for me when I finished at the hairdresser school, it was a T-shirt with the writing…

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INFECTED RAIN – “Orphan Soul”

“Orphan Soul” is a challenging visual effort. An emotional storyline follows a young girl’s rocky road into adulthood. Infected Rain…

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Metal is the beast that will not die. The impact of the one is never forgotten and as long as…

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Country of Origin: Sweden Formed In: 2009 Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Melodic Metal Last Known Label: Inverse Records Website: http://www.zephyra.se/ Social…

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Pretty Maids

Country of Origin: Denmark Formed In: 1981 Genre: Heavy Metal, Melodic Heavy Metal Last Known Label: Frontiers Records Website: http://www.prettymaids.dk/ Social Media:…

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