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Dennis Ritche of MACABRE Talks Nuclear Blast Records, Serial Killers, Monarch Butterflies and a New Album in the works.

INTERVIEW: DENNIS RITCHIE OF “MACABRE”. Date: Monday, April 26th, 2021. Interviewee: Dennis Ritchie, drummer of Macabre. Interviewer: Anita Malloy, staff…

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USURPER – Lords of the Permafrost

This record is as cold as ice. A literal riff monster with enough frost and fury to satisfy any longtime…

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MACABRE – “Serial Killer”

Macabre are legendary innovators in this genre and it’s great to see them breathing some new life into these classic…

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CATTLE DECAPITATION’s Josh Elmore Talks Environmental Change, Age Restrictions & Album Artwork

“People think nobody can change the world but it’s do what you can really. A person can only do so…

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As he reached the Vistas Bridge a plan formulated in his mind, he looked at it from all angles trying…

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Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 1993 Genre: Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal Last Known Label: Soulseller Records Website: Social…

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Country of Origin: United States Formed In: 1985 Genre: Death Metal, Grindcore, Thrash Metal Last Known Label: Decomposed Records Website: http://murdermetal.com/…

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